Great Date Ideas

Creativity is a continual surprise.   __ Ray Bradbury

While Ray Bradbury was most certainly speaking of theatrical creativity his statement holds true in other realms as well—especially in the Romance department.

Give the Girl her Chocolate

Let’s face it, everyone sends flowers and chocolates for Valentine’s Day—not that chocolates are evil, a girl can’t live without her chocolate; but we need to heighten the creativity, so we create surprises and generate the “WOW” factor. I know money is tight these days for people so let’s get creative. There are many things we can do on a “shoestring budget” or even for free that are fun and out of the norm.

Here are a few ideas to get your creative Valentine Date juices pumping:

  • Go on a “Video Scavenger Hunt” with friends

Directions: Each team has a video camera and a list of scenarios to get footage of — Here are a few possible ideas: Interview a complete stranger about something random, find a random stranger and greet them like an old friend, pretend to know them from somewhere, stage a “break up”, yell at each other and draw lots of attention, try on clothing for the opposite sex. As you can tell, this can be a ton of fun, especially when you go back and watch your footage. Make up a complete list of scenarios and make copies for all teams. Each team must then seek out to complete all the scenarios on the list before the end of the allotted time. Meet back up to watch the videos and have a great laugh!

  • Play the game “Bigger or Better” with a group of friends (this can be done in groups of “couples” or just split up into groups if you have friends present without a date.)

Directions: Each couple starts with something small—go door to door in your neighborhood asking people to trade you for something bigger or better than your item. At the end of a specified amount of time, gather together as a group and vote on who got the biggest and best item.

  • Have a progressive meal either privately or with friends or family

Directions: Either select different restaurants around town and go to each one. Order drinks at one, appetizers at another, go somewhere new for the main course, and top it off with your favorite desert in town. Or you can have each “course of dinner” at a different person’s home instead if you choose to have dinner with friends and family.

  • Make Tee Shirts – start with some blank white or collared tees, and then get creative with colored sharpies and paint.
  • Story time—take turns recording pieces of a story

Directions: The story is completely made up and no-one knows what the others will say until the story is listened to at the very end. One person starts recording a story while the other leaves the room ending their segment with “and then…” the other person picks up telling the next part of the story, and ends their segment with “and then…” this continues until all participants have had a chance to tell their segment and someone decides to tell “The end” of the story.

  • Set up a tent in your living room, sit in the tent and eat dinner on a blanket–roast marshmallows over a candle. Tell stories. Even sleep in the tent over night for a change of pace.
  • Make a time capsule to put in a park or just your own backyard full of pictures and objects that represent your relationship and then dig it up years later for a big anniversary (if you put it in the park, be sure to get permission first).
  • Have a dance party in your living room and dance to your favorite songs from high school
  • Plan a picnic—if you are fortunate to live in warmer climate region great have fun outdoors. However, if you live in colder regions have an “indoor” picnic. Plan it to take place somewhere meaningful to your sweetheart. Be sure to have everything you need with you so that your picnic will run smoothly—don’t forget a few “baby wipes” for cleanup afterward. They’re great for washing hands and other things.
  • Visit a few local Art Galleries to view artwork of local artists.
  • Go “pretend furniture shopping” (if you are not married)—

But the clincher is this is NOT for household furniture, it’s for OFFICE furniture. Pretend you have an entire office to fill full of furniture and go pick out what you would purchase if you had all the money in the world to spend. This allows you to get a feel for each other’s personal style and tastes, without making anyone uncomfortable about how intimate home shopping can be.

  • Host a Game Night with all of your friends, both “His and Hers”

If you’re just dating this is a great way blend both sets of the friends in a fun, easy-going night that is sure to bring on the bonding between you and your sweetheart. Be sure to choose games that will encourage participation from all members of the party group.

A few good ones are: Quelf, Apples to Apples, Head Bands, Pictionary, and Outburst

Those should get you started.

  •  Create a “private” scavenger hunt for your sweetheart

Place clues around in strategic spots for him/her to find based off of clues from the previous clue. Start with placing clue #1 where you know your sweetheart will find it, on the paper write a riddle that your sweetheart must de-code in order to determine where to find the next clue will be. If they are correct they will be lead to the next clue, and so on.

    You can also leave small presents along the way as well to keep it interesting and keep them excited.

At the end of the scavenger hunt the final clue will lead then to whatever the “Big Prize” is; be it you, or something else.


Well, I do hope these idea’s help you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day experience. Hang on to the list for future reference, and of course let us know if you try any of these out or if you have any unusual date night ideas of your own!

Have a Happy Day! ~Dina

Happy Valentine's Day


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  1. Julie says:

    How cute! What a fun article!

    • Blue Jeans and Chocolate says:

      Hi Julie. Welcome to my Blog! I’m still *learning* how to do all the fancy stuff, but thanks for visiting. Glad you enjoyed the article.

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