Change Of Life

No, not that change. Sweets and I decided to sell our 1,600-sf home on 2-acres and surrounded by natural woods and live in a 27 foot tow-behind RV. It’s both nerve-wracking and freeing. I got rid of as much ‘stuff’ as I dared to part with, put what we ‘need’ in the RV and put the rest in a storage unit in town.

I think at this point the thing I’m most surprised by is that of all the lovely things I own, there really isn’t much at all that I actually need. I wonder whether I’ll miss most of what’s in storage; or if I’ll even remember what I have in there?

We’re off for an adventure to the open range of Arizona to hunt for gold and museums!

I’ve heard the saying that “The world is your oyster” now it’s time to go collect a few pearls.

I’ll hope you’ll journey with me…

Here’s a great photo of our old house—so many fun memories here! It really is hard to leave.

Our House in the Woods

Here are a few photos of our new Tiny Home (I’ll spare showing you the bathroom, but it’s pretty nice and has a second, huge closet in it.)

This is the day we said goodbye to the beautiful home Sweets built with own hands. I hope the new owners are good to her.

Saying Goodbye Is Never Easy, But We Managed

How do you like that for “open concept?” And yes, I’m taking some books; I’m sure I’ll need them.

Doesn’t It Look Cozy?

This is the only kitchen space I get; I hope I can cook in here and thank goodness for the BBQ grill. We had to incorporate a shelf with some storage solutions for the kitchen stuff. I’ve put silverware, knives, cutting boards, miscellaneous gadgets, etc. in the drawers. The pots and pans are in the large basket on the bottom and the boxes on top hold bread, crackers, chips rice, noodles and other such things.

Easy Storage Solutions

Our Dining Room / Office. Since it’s just the two of us we decided to utilize the extra seating space for our office stuff. Sweets gets one side for boring bills, maps and gold mining materials. I get the other side for fun stuff like writing and genealogy.

We Have Plenty of Room to Eat.

It feels super homey in here; I think I’m a bit surprised … and very happy by that. I love cozy.

… And just like that, WE’RE OFF! Is there a Roadmap to Happily Ever After?

Where have you traveled to and what did you love about it?

Don’t be shy; leave a reply.


About Blue Jeans and Chocolate

HI! I’m Smalls (that’s what my kids call me since I’m only Five feet tall.) I am a Fifty- Something, blue jean wearing, young Granny, who strives to live beautifully. I’m a student of God’s word, the Hebrew language, love and life. I live in the Sierra Foothills with my precious husband and our Black Lab, Riley—she’s a handful, but we love her. I love to travel, to daydream, and to write; and I’ve become an aspiring novelist. I’ve lived in other countries and still plan to visit more. I love to venture off the beaten path in the attempt to discover the world not seen in the tourist traps. I love to read as a way of learning. I usually have a book with me everywhere I go—you just never know when you’ll have down time. I have three sons, two step-sons, a couple of daughter’s-in-law, and ten grandchildren (so far.)
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2 Responses to Change Of Life

  1. clriggen says:

    It is going to be an adventure travelling around the US and living in your tiny house. You sound free in your story, as well as curious to learn and grow. Have fun!

    • Hi Coach Cheryl. Thanks for stopping by! What an adventure! We’ve been sight-seeing so much that I haven’t had time to make a new post about it. Coming soon. Thank you for your kind words; I do feel free… and curious.

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