All About Me

I’m blue jean wearing, chocolate loving “young” grandma who strives to live beautifully and tries to eat well. Tries being the operative word, because I love food.

I live on the West Coast in the Sierra Mountain Foothills with my husband {Sweets,} where we’re building a very small home in the hills {860 square feet– super cozy.}

I adore vintage things and the color red.

I love curling up in my Blue Jeans with a warm cup of coffee and a good book {I’m currently obsessed Hawaiian Blend coffee and Chaim Potok.}

I love to read, to travel, to craft, to daydream, and to write {I’m an aspiring novelist.}

I grew up on Okinawa, Japan and I’ve also lived in Missouri, Texas, Oklahoma, Montana, Southern California and Germany where I spent three glorious years and got to be apart of the Berlin Wall coming down.

I love to venture off the beaten path and discover a world not seen in the tourist traps. I still hope to visit many more countries and see the rest of America.

I have 10 grandchildren now; the Little’s still think they’re Superhero’s and Princesses, and when I watch them play I believe they are!

I see dead people. well not really, but I do search for them when doing genealogy!

I used to be domesticated {I could cook or clean anything}, but somehow I seem to have lost those super-powers. I’m not really certain where I have left them, but I am fairly sure I can care less about finding them again; okay, in truth they probably aren’t lost as much as tucked away, since I do pull them out once in a while when desperately I need to.

Thanks so much for spending some time with me.

You can send your love letters to me at: love4blogging{at}

I hope you have a beautiful day; Dina


6 Responses to All About Me

  1. cate b says:

    Hello, thanks for following my blog! I also have misplaced my domestic super powers…….

    • Hi Cate, I’m so very sorry I hadn’t responded back when you wrote this. It’s been a very difficult several years for me dealing with all of many and severe injuries; That’s all finally behind me. <3. Thank you for commenting. and you're welcome. I adore your blog!!!

  2. I find my domestic super powers during the fall ragweed allergy season when i’m trapped indoors. GRRRRh. However, my home is cleaned inside and out during those 6-8 weeks each year. Can’t be the end all, but it sure helps. Frees me up to do outdoor stuff and travel! Very nicely written ‘all about me’. Blue jeans and chocolate – awesome. maybe coffee, too.

    • Thanks for the lovely compliments. So sorry you suffer from ragweed- horrible, but at least your suffering produces the good results of a spotless dwelling. I see from your blog that your Farm is very near my hometown (Independence.) And indeed COFFEE! =0)

  3. I read your comment etiquette and the About Me and some other posts. What a lovely blog! I always love the about me section, so thanks for sharing here. I will return for sure!

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