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HI! I’m Smalls (that’s what my kids call me since I’m only Five feet tall.) I am a Fifty- one year old, blue jean wearing, young Granny, who strives to live beautifully. I’m a student of God’s word, the Hebrew language, love and life. I live in the Foothills with my precious husband and our Black Lab, Riley—she’s a handful, but we love her. I love to travel, to daydream, and to write; and I’ve become an aspiring novelist. I’ve lived in other countries and still plan to visit more. I love to venture off the beaten path in the attempt to discover the world not seen in the tourist traps. I love to read as a way of learning. I usually have a book with me everywhere I go—you just never know when you’ll have down time. I have three sons, two step-sons, a couple of daughter’s-in-law, and eight grandchildren (and counting!)

Blind Grab Surprise

I recently attended a Scrapbooking day in a nearby town where the Hostess gave us the task to simply dump many of our scrapbooking supplies into a basket and then without looking, reach inside the basket in a “blind grab”. … Continue reading

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Most of you probably know of this place because of the infamous Folsom Prison that the Late Johnny Cash sang of. However, Folsom is a charming old town with great historical significance in our American heritage. It was one of … Continue reading

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