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I am neither a medical or psychological provider and therefore you should consult your doctor(s) before following any information you find posted within the entirety of this blog-site. Any information found within the entirety of this blog-site is for entertainment and/or educational purposes only and is not intended as diagnosis, treatment or prescription for any illness or disease; nor is it intended for a replacement for regular medical care. If you have specific medical and/or psychological symptoms consult your doctor(s) immediately. If any recommendations offered in any of the Blog Posts or comments found within this blog-site contradict your medical and/or psychological provider’s advice, be sure to consult your doctor before proceeding with them. The Author of any blog post, the blog-site owner/admin, WordPress, and their Affiliates disclaim any liability, loss, or damage; personal or otherwise, allegedly resulting from any advice or discussion within any of the posts or comments contained in this Blog.

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