Weight Loss Journey Begins

Well friends spring is finally here, summer is just around the corner and I am no-where near ready to put on a bathing suit of any style or size.

I have gained a whopping forty pounds over the course of the past two years. Now I know many of you may read this and think to yourselves that forty pounds is not much weight gain at all. But I assure you that any weight gain IS weight gain no matter how small.

 The truth of the matter is that I’m only five foot tall, so an extra few pounds of any amount is simply too much for my small bones to carry. The result: My body hurts, I feel awful all the time and I’m too fat to look good in anything I put on no matter how adorable the outfit (even though others will never tell me that).

I was injured two years ago after a nasty fall down a flight of stairs which resulted in my inability to engage in any serious exercise for the time being. So not only have I gained unwanted weight, but what muscle I did have has long since turned into annoying, unappealing flab.

I’m finally feeling well enough to possibly walk on my treadmill a few minutes each day. My neck surgeon has not cleared me at this time to engage in any other form of exercise… so, the treadmill for a limited daily stint it is!

My surgeon wants me to begin with five to ten minutes daily and increase as I gain the strength. So that’s just what I plan to do, beginning tomorrow morning.

I also visited with a registered dietician who assisted me in designing a meal plan to fit a 1400 daily caloric intake. With the diet and exercise facets in line I feel armed to begin my road to health and hopefully full post-surgical (and post-injury) recovery.

I hope I inspire each of you to join me on the way to a thinner and healthier you. Because I love food, I will seek out recipes which are delightful to the eyes, nose and taste buds to share with you. If you have any favorite recipes, please do share them as well.

During the coming week I will walk on my treadmill five to ten minutes daily. I will also cut out chips, soda and processed snacks, and replace them with more fruits and vegetables.

That should get me started until I locate some delicious recipes to fit into my 1400 caloric daily allowance.

Leave me a comment and let me know what your weight loss struggle is and how you plan to overcome it. Let me know if you’ll join me on this journey.


About Blue Jeans and Chocolate

HI! I’m Smalls (that’s what my kids call me since I’m only Five feet tall.) I am a Fifty- Something, blue jean wearing, young Granny, who strives to live beautifully. I’m a student of God’s word, the Hebrew language, love and life. I live in the Sierra Foothills with my precious husband and our Black Lab, Riley—she’s a handful, but we love her. I love to travel, to daydream, and to write; and I’ve become an aspiring novelist. I’ve lived in other countries and still plan to visit more. I love to venture off the beaten path in the attempt to discover the world not seen in the tourist traps. I love to read as a way of learning. I usually have a book with me everywhere I go—you just never know when you’ll have down time. I have three sons, two step-sons, a couple of daughter’s-in-law, and ten grandchildren (so far.)
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