Finding Thankfulness During Pandemic

With so much wrong in our world at the moment, is it possible to be thankful? I think it is — at least on some level, even if minute. Being thankful is a mindfulness of what we personally have received, and it’s an expression of gratitude and appreciation.

Our world climate seems on its head at the moment as we near the American Thanksgiving holiday, making this the perfect time to really evaluate our lives and pinpoint even one, single thing we can be thankful for.

It can be easy for us to look around at our world as we sit in some variation of lockdown and feel that we’re missing out in some way. Especially during a holiday meant to be spent with a large group of family and friends. This year, Sweets and I will, for the first time in … ever, spend Thanksgiving entirely alone. Just the two of us. We don’t even have a dog this year.

Some of you Singles might be thinking right about now, “Well, at least you have each other.” And that’s true. But consider this — everyone is missing something this year. Other’s may still have more than we do, some may have less, but in truth none of us have what we used to have and we’re all grieving those losses and readjusting our norm to fit this new, crazy life.

Grief from the loss of tradition can play a huge role in our holiday season this pandemic year. This Thanksgiving more than any other needs to be one of truly finding something to be genuinely thankful for. Even if it’s only one, small thing.

What is something that you can express appreciation for having in your life?

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Disclaimer ~

This post is strictly for the entertainment of its readers and is not meant to diminish any struggles some persons my face as a result of our current world climate. If you are experiencing any difficulty, please seek help from a licensed medical professional who can assist and guide you.


About Blue Jeans and Chocolate

HI! I’m Smalls (that’s what my kids call me since I’m only Five feet tall.) I am a Fifty- Something, blue jean wearing, young Granny, who strives to live beautifully. I’m a student of God’s word, the Hebrew language, love and life. I live in the Sierra Foothills with my precious husband and our Black Lab, Riley—she’s a handful, but we love her. I love to travel, to daydream, and to write; and I’ve become an aspiring novelist. I’ve lived in other countries and still plan to visit more. I love to venture off the beaten path in the attempt to discover the world not seen in the tourist traps. I love to read as a way of learning. I usually have a book with me everywhere I go—you just never know when you’ll have down time. I have three sons, two step-sons, a couple of daughter’s-in-law, and ten grandchildren (so far.)
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